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The whole idea of money is that it serves as the third party to a barter system where a believe in the existence of a store of value (also known as worth) of said money is universal. and as long as there is confidence in that store of value, as long as there is a universal belief that a particular store of value exists, then all is well, federal reserve note of not.In certain ways it is no match for gold at all, will never be until people should ever learn to fabricate gold.However, there are some obstacles preventing the mass market from fully embracing the online currency.This is like the boom. If you simply forget about the value of bitcoin and learn about the technology then your opinions will earn higher merit.

The price of a single bitcoin was surging past 2,100 on Monday, as some bulls mused about how much investors could have made with early stakes in the digital currency.How to handle your Bitcoin investments in 2017. The year of Bitcoin.

Consult your investment adviser before making any investment decisions.Bitcoin, an invention of. all profit evaporates! $500 is lost over one year’s worth of mining.There are a lot of things that would need to go right for bitcoin before a million-dollar valuation is possible, so keep that in mind before deciding to put a substantial amount of your hard-earned money into the digital currency.The dollar (and other currencies) have become almost worthless under globally coordinated central bank policies during the last 10 years.

But with precious metals it would be hard to do as black markets would take over sorta like in India when they tried to tax gold to death.There are a few potential factors that could be driving the current rally.

Bitcoin rival Ripple is sitting on many billions of

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I have recently learned about Bitcoin and would like to get rich quickly into mining.Infinite cryptocurrencies can be created (like infinite types of fiat money can be created), but one of them will be the leader and concentrate the most value.A likely future scenario is that we develop technology to get off the planet and start mining asteroids.All site content, including advertisements, shall not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any security or financial instrument, or to participate in any particular trading or investment strategy.Only one word of advice I would impart: always question what you think you know.

Bitcoin has higher volatility but it can be part of your portfolio if you adopt the right strategy.

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They only care if one, their currency will be accepted as payment and two, how much will it buy. we can talk about commodities and electronic pay points and what not, but economic activity is about first and foremost about the normal trade between individuals and groups of individuals.

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Primarily, I chose to invest in Cryptocurrencies because of their portability.Usually both sides are happy with the trade when agreement is reached.I have read more than enough anthropology texts, papers, and the lot to know better than to take their word as gospel.So far, it has not been broken. despite lots and lots, and an increasing number, of attempts.

An interesting article on HowMuch puts the Bitcoin phenomenon into proper perspective.One thing is common with Bitcoiners is that they love to speculate on just how much a single Bitcoin could be worth.When a vendor with a normal profit margin takes bitcoin he is at risk of losing his entire profit by holding bitcoin for anytime at all.

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If the store of value is always increasing in a crypto currency then why would anyone bother to waste that value, knowing that it will continue to increase of buying a pint of beer with it.He may further stipulate that they be Herefords and no older that three years and no younger than one year.Fiat currency has been able to skate float along (I love the pun) without question because there are only a few individuals who do not believe in its current store of value.

One can cite all the technical requirements of money and monetary policy, but as GoodYear said, performance is where the rubber meets the road.But if Bitcoin is ever to become pervasive enough that that is all the fiat that is needed, it will need to become much, much less volatile.Bitcoin Price Prediction 2017, 2018 for 2019 and 2020 will be what we will tell you, please stay with us. how much will Bitcoin Be Worth In 10 Years.However, bear in mind that any prediction of the future price of bitcoin is very speculative right now.If the Bitcoin supply remains limited to 21 mln units,. 2017 By. Wassim Bendella.No society ever needed a government to stimulate the production of goods and services.As a currency less so. the problem with money is that most of the individuals in an economic system must recognize and accept the particular store of value as just that.

If we reach the point where things get so bad like a depression or worldwide upheaval due to terrorism or war, the globalist will take over to create a new world order with a new form of currency they can control, you can b sure of that.But what Mish highlights in this article is that there is still plenty of room for CCs to grow within the money supply available.I should add that Mish should look at an analysis done by Charles Hugh Smith which is far more coherent than anything that he has done here.As people start the barter process they find that not everyone wants whet they have to sell on any particular day and yet they have their needs for goods others are trading in barter.This has created a great power struggle in the bitcoin ecosystem which could result in the network splitting into two versions of bitcoin within a couple of months.Major financial institutions move currency back and forth with simple digital ledger transactions.Matt brought his love of teaching and investing to the Fool in 2012 in order to help people invest better.The inventor of blockchain tech has already given it away for free, there is no way to invest in it.I invested all my money into WORLDCOIN because this coin will have a nice future.

We talk about mediums of exchange for a reason. currency is a formal declaration of a particular medium of exchange.Here is a site that shows live transactions and graphically displays their locations of origin: For each transaction, they provide a link where you can see more detailed information.The value of the unit should be believed to be sound, as in not erratic.Its value has become a store of speculation rather than a store of value.Not a whole gaggle of imaginary hobgoblins halfway around the world.Political uncertainty makes bitcoin feel safer relative to certain currencies.The same goes for gold: it derives its value solely from its rarity, combined with its desirability.So let us imagine a hypothetical hunter gather group, perhaps they have gone beyond the normal 160 individuals in the unit limit and they decide as a group to become agrarian and set up farming, division of labor, and trade with other groups.

In a high-growth industrial economy, you need more money to oil the machine.

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But from what I can see, Bitcoin is not really for use as a medium of exchange as it is as a medium of speculation.The store of value in each of those diseased cows has constantly dropped in face value.There are also infinite varieties of precious metals and physical assets where people park their money: gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, real estate, even stock market (not physical but also used to park wealth).

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As the financial status of the world deteriorates the price of bitcoins will rise.As you may well value one dollar available beyond the reach of Beijing, higher than two dollars inside China.Did you know that the content of your post is a major reason so many people are so bullish about Bitcoin.It is observations about human behavior that is both individual and group oriented.The fact that you need to declare it, means they can easily block it, should they feel like it.So you get anonymity for personal use, pubic visibility for government use.

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